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TWO ...

Rake straight into the bag.

ONE ...

BagMaster holds the bag.


A few seconds later. ...

You've found the best. tool. ever. for filling large plastic bags.

BagMaster: Best Plastic Bag Holder,  Best Value 

The lawn leaf bag holder that saves time every time you use it!

It is not an idle claim to say that the BagMaster is the best lawn bag holder available.   The BagMaster is an absolute no-nonsense plastic leaf bag holder that takes on the dreaded task of filling large plastic bags and makes it easier, faster and safer than ever!  Filling large plastic bags has never been easier than by simply raking the material directly into the bag opening that is securely held in place by the ergonomically designed BagMaster.  In a few seconds, you can fill large plastic bags to capacity without having to get on your knees, without spilling material on its way to the bag, and without the need to have someone hold the bag open while you fill it.  With BagMaster, you can position and re-position the bag to fill it in the fastest way possible.  With BagMaster, large plastic bags go from empty to full in just a few seconds!

Let's talk versatility. If you have a lawn rake, the BagMaster is its perfect companion for filling the bag.  If you have a litter pickup tool, you'll never again have to open the bag in order to put litter into it.  In fact, you won't have to even touch the litter.  When you gather trash inside your home or office, you'll appreciate the ease with which you can transfer trash from the smaller container into the larger bag.  There are other ways of using the BagMaster to good advantage which I and others have discovered, but I think you get the idea.


If you are looking for a yard bag holder that really works -- and lasts -- you have come to the right place.  The BagMaster comes with a one-year warranty.  It is tough.  It is durable.  It is user-friendly.  It is effective.

Free Shipping in Contiguous U.S.

Free Shipping in Contiguous U.S.

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Happy Customers 

"After filling 300 bags with my BagMaster, I can say it is just as strong now as it was when I started using it."  -- South Carolina

"Snow has melted enough for us to start raking again. Put a bag on the BagMaster and gave it to my husband to try out. He liked it so well I never even got a chance to use it. He kept on saying, 'This things works great!' Thought you might like to know how how he liked it. One day I will get a chance to use it."  -- Idaho