You can now buy the BagMaster on Amazon.  Here's the link: BagMaster.

Satisfied Customers 

"Wow what a neat little item!
I went out on earth day to collect trash on the roadside and took a trash bag with me and it drove me nuts that it would not stay open. I figured someone must have made a solution for this and I searched Amazon and this popped up. This is exactly what I imagined and it looks like the seller is the inventor. Very sturdy, the plastic is heavy and robust. It is fairly easy to put a bag on it but not really quick change. No way it will fall off even with a full load. Overall, Bravo."  -- Michigan


"After filling 300 bags with my BagMaster, I can say it is just as strong now as it was when I started using it."  -- South Carolina


"Snow has melted enough for us to start raking again. Put a bag on the BagMaster and gave it to my husband to try out. He liked it so well I never even got a chance to use it. He kept on saying, 'This things works great!' Thought you might like to know how how he liked it. One day I will get a chance to use it."  -- Idaho 

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BagMaster: Best Bag Holder ~ Best Value 

Save time every time you use it!

BagMaster holds large plastic bags open to make filling them easier, faster and safer than ever!

For leaves, rake 'em in.  For litter, flip it in.  For inside trash, easy spill-free transfer.

Tough ~ Durable ~ Versatile ~ Ergonomic ~ User-friendly ~ Effective ~ Affordable

BagMaster: The best. tool. ever. for filling large plastic bags.

Home of the BagMaster Plastic Bag Holder!‚Äč

Three Things

Thing 1: Fall will soon be here.  Be ready for bagging your leaves with BagMaster. 

Thing 2:  With its expandable opening mere inches away, you can collect litter without having to salute the dictator each time you put trash into the bag.  Capisce?

Thing 3:  Use your BagMaster year-round to collect trash inside your home or office -- wherever.